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Our team does not just sell or buy or rent, we listen to your situation, understand your fundamental needs and provide solutions for your housing process.

Are you currently having the same queries as below?

“I have stayed in Bukit Panjang for almost 30 years, but my kids are getting married and moving out, we the 2 elderly do not need such a big space anymore! But, is it a good time to sell now? Where do we stay after selling? I don’t want to move far away from Bukit Panjang!” Bukit Panjang real estate services

“We had met the 5 years MOP of our first HDB flat at Bukit Panjang, and we still have one more chance to get a new unit from HDB. We have only one young child now, but we might want to have one more in a year’s time. We need a bigger space. Should we get Built-To-Order (BTO) flats or Executive Condominiums (EC)? Can we afford?”

“We are still in our early 30s and doing quite well in our career. We do believe that properties are good assets for us to earn passive income, but we are low risk takers. Should we sell our HDB and upgrade to private condominium? or should we keep our HDB and buy one more private condominium to get rental income? Sounds complicated, can someone help us calculate the financial part?”

“I am a single Singaporean citizen, reaching 35 years old soon. What type of HDB flat should I get? Is there any extra CPF grants I can get for first timer? I think I want to stay near my parents in Bukit Panjang, can someone help me with the whole HDB paperwork process? I’m too busy with work!”

“We are PRs who are currently renting a HDB unit at Bukit Panjang, our 3 years is up only in 2018. However, we hope to get a place of our own soon, can save on the rental every month too. Is there any resale condominiums in Bukit Panjang that is asking for lower prices? We heard market prices is dropping, good time to buy now?”

The above are just a few scenarios we have encountered after serving Bukit Panjang residents all these years, what kind of concerns do you have?

Feel free to drop us a contact just on your right hand side. We will do our best to find solutions for you!

These are some of the Real Estate Services we provide to you:

  • In-depth analysis on how much is your HDB or Private property worth.
  • Professional advice on current property market sentiments.
  • Financial Planning on selling and buying of properties.
  • Timeline planning on selling and buying of properties to ensure hassle free transaction.
  • Restructuring on existing property portfolio and make your assets work harder for you.
  • Advice on current housing policies and how does it affect you as a home owner or buyer?

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